Neural Coding and Dynamics
The study of neural coding and neural dynamics has recently been turbocharged by advances in experimental methods and a revolution in computing and modeling. It is now becoming possible to test long-standing theoretical models of how the dynamic interactions of large populations of neurons process information and produce intelligent behavior.
The conference will focus on neural coding and dynamics at the brain-wide level, their implementation in evolved neural circuits, and the impact of artificial intelligence in understanding the brain.

Invited speakers

Larry Abbott

Eugenia Chiappe

Jeremiah Cohen

Rainer Friedrich

Ann Hermundstad

Edvard Moser

Kanaka Rajan

Doris Tsao

Ilana Witten
Dora Angelaki

SueYeon Chung

Bob Datta

Surya Ganguli

Hidehiko Inagaki

Bence P. Ölveczky

Vanessa Ruta

Dan Turner-Evans

Dan Yamins
Tim Behrens

Anne Churchland

Tatiana Engel

Marina Garrett

Mehrdad Jazayeri

Agostina Palmigiano

Carl Schoonover

Nachum Ulanovsky

Tony Zador
Elizabeth Buffalo

Claudia Clopath

Ila Fiete

Kenneth Harris

Georg Keller

Alex Pouget

Josh Siegle

Liping Wang


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